Wisconsin Industrial Machine Services, Inc.

Committed to Quality and Pride of Craftsmanship

Our experienced staff of service technicians are driven by the ongoing challenge to Repair or Rebuild machines that will meet or exceed the original OEM specifications.

Whether it is a breakdown or planned outage, our goal is to keep your manufacturing equipment on-line, efficient and accurate to your tolerance expectations. CALL US TODAY.

(888) 784-2210

Attitude is Everything

Committed to quality and pride of craftsmanship

When answering a call for service, WIMS subscribes to a positive attitude.

Whatever you need - machine repairs, rebuilds or retrofitting, we will do it. Our answer is always YES! and with our on-site portable machining service, we’ll be there NOW!

What We Do

Service is important - when you need it.

We are committed to providing you with the value-added service of analyzing, advising, engineering and implementing solutions that will enhance the REPAIR - REBUILD - RETROFIT of your machine, that meet or exceed the original OEM specifications.